Few days ago, OZOLEA received an important confirmation for its leading product, OZOLEA-MAST

OZOLEA is proud to announce that OZOLEA-MAST has been approved as compliant input for organic dairy farming in Wisconsin, one of the US federal states with a high concentration of organic dairy farms. 

According to the US Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC), in 2016 more than 2,500 US dairy farms produced organic milk. Wisconsin was the second federal state with the largest number of organic dairy farms (455), preceded by New York (486) and followed by Pennsylvania (303). Moreover, Wisconsin was amongst states that produced large quantities of organic milk (California, Texas, Wisconsin, Oregon and New York) (USDA, 2016).

Prevention in US organic dairy farming is vital, since, in case of health issues, farmers can rely only on a group of products approved as compliant inputs and no antibiotics, that are not allowed in organic dairy farming. Many of the products approved are restricted in how and what situations they can be used.

The main aim of OZOLEA-MAST is to provide farmers with innocuous, effective, safe, sustainable, and affordable tools and protocols to reduce the use of unnecessary antibiotics in dairies. Where a specific standard, such as that set out for the US organic dairy farming, has clear restrictions on the use of antibiotics and no alternatives are available yet, OZOLEA-MAST becomes strategic for managing udder issues in dairy cows

With OZOLEA-MAST, along with the implementation of OZOLEA protocols, the occurrence of severe clinical events is remarkably reduced. The animals are less stressed and many painful phenomena are avoided, with a positive impact for the dairy farmers’ pockets and the environment. 

This approval has a double importance for OZOLEA: in addition to a further step towards the sustainability of the dairy sector, including organic dairy farming, it is an endorsement received from the bottom of the dairy sector that will be beneficial for any player of the organic dairy supply chain, including consumers.

Organic dairy farming principles are substantially those of a circular model. And the circular model of dairy farming, both organic and conventional, is the core goal of OZOLEA’s philosophy and research. 

Consumer safety and food safety can be ensured by using OZOLEA-MAST. Leaving no chemical residue in the milk and being the right tool for the reduction of antibiotic resistant strains stemming from the improper use of antibiotics, OZOLEA-MAST can help protect consumers from these risks. 

Moreover, consumers are more and more demanding about sustainable food products. Avoiding food waste, as for withdrawal procedures, and reducing resource usage per liter of milk produced are some of the main environmental benefits of the OZOLEA model. 


For you,
for animals,
for the environment.