The process to make innocuous, effective, safe, sustainable, and affordable solutions available for the reduction of antibiotic usage in dairy farming continues.

OZOLEA is proud to announce its recent entry into the Danish market in partnership with a national startup company, LessAB Aps.

Denmark is an ideal country for dairy production. The Danish Dairy Industry has a long history, evidenced by archeological findings. Today, 97% of the Danish milk is supplied to cooperative dairy companies, which is the result of a democratic process that took place in the past two centuries1.

LessAB is formed with a desire to help farmers produce good and sustainable products from animals raised with a minimum of antibiotic consumption. Reducing the use of antibiotics in the dairy industry will increase both welfare and farmers’ income. In a sustainable world, We need to focus on reducing the amount of milk wasted due to withdrawal periods.

The company is owned by veterinarian Rikke Kristensen, who has almost 20 years of experience as a veterinarian from practice and various private companies. OZOLEA-MAST will be the company’s first product and LessAB is already looking at several other good options for upcoming products. OZOLEA’s goal is to help dairy farmers improve herd productivity and reduce unnecessary antibiotics used to deal with udder issues in dairy cows. Thus, it has much in common with LessAB.

To answer the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance, the Danish government recently set out specific rules (BEK nr 995 af 25.05.2021) for antibiotic treatments to cure mastitis infections in dairy cattle. This law establishes that milk culturing to check if antibiotics are needed to treat a cow with mastitis is mandatory before starting the prescribed therapy.

This means a more prudent use of antibiotics in Danish dairy farming, but also the need to find alternative solutions and tools for udder health management.

By choosing OZOLEA as a commercial partner, LessAB is allowing Danish milk producers to think of a new way to deal with udder issues. OZOLEA-MAST will be OZOLEA’s first veterinary device to enter this market.

OZOLEA-MAST is a non-drug veterinary device, that can be used in lactating cows and at dry-off, consisting of an intra-mammary applicator in which there is a single ingredient: a pure vegetable oil, bio-engineered with exclusive OZOLEA technology. The bioengineering process modifies some of the oil’s fatty acid chains, thereby allowing the product, once in contact with the inner wall of the teat canal, to form a physical film barrier with two main functions:

  1. Creating an uncomfortable environment for bacteria and thus slow down the aggressiveness of possible bacterial attacks;
  2. Reserving a respite for the tissue from exposure to the external environment and bacterial attack, allowing it to proceed with the natural regeneration process.

The mammary tissue, when intact, can defend itself properly from further possible aggressions. Thus, it means less need for antibiotics.

OZOLEA-MAST does not contain pharmacological substances. Its effectiveness goes hand in hand with the application of protocols that OZOLEA has implemented to ensure the correct use of the product in any situation.

With the use of OZOLEA-MAST along with the implementation of OZOLEA protocols on the farm, the occurrence of severe clinical events is remarkably reduced. The animals are less stressed and many painful phenomena are avoided, with a positive impact on the dairy farmers’ pockets and the environment.

Opting for OZOLEA-MAST means deciding on a completely new approach to udder issues and dairy farming. OZOLEA-MAST can be used both in conventional and organic dairy farming.

The opportunity to use it promptly could be a revolution for Danish dairy farmers, as they can intervene with a simple solution at the very first signs of udder tissue imbalance, right before the onset of full-blown mastitis.

Efficiency in dairy farming will be the answer to all issues the dairy sector is facing: OZOLEA-MAST leads to a  completely new way of handling udder management in your dairy herds, but it also benefits the entire supply chain, from animals to consumers, by reducing milk waste and improving milk quality and food safety.



For you,
for animals,
for the environment.


1 Danish Dairy Board, 2021. History of the Danish dairy industry.



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Picture: Credits to Rogier van den Berg