By reducing the use of unnecessary antibiotics
you’ll help improve the productivity of your cows, ship more milk
and contribute to the global fight to lower antimicrobial resistance

Intervene EARLY with a natural product that allows you
to keep selling or processing your milk




OZOLEA-MAST is a non-drug veterinary device for intra-mammary use in dairy cows that helps dairy farmers continue shipping the milk and reduce the use of antibiotics, both for lactating cows and at dry-off.

Reducing antibiotics in dairy cows:
how, when and why?
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Strengthening consumer demand,
with no additional effort for the dairy farmer
How OZOLEA-MAST positively influences the farmer profitability, 
dairy processing, consumer confidence and the future of the dairy chain
…from the dairy farmer point of view:
…and from the dairy processor point of view:
Animal devices: the ultimate concept
for udder tissue protection

How FDA regulates animal devices

The definition of animal device provided by the FDA states that a device “does not achieve its primary intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of man or other animals, and … is not dependent upon being metabolized for the achievement of its primary intended purposes.”

Moreover, “Pre-market Approval is Not Required”: in fact, CBP and FDA officers already cleared several times OZOLEA-MAST during import procedures in the U.S.

Why OZOLEA-MAST is classified as animal device?

OZOLEA-MAST does not contain nor rely on active substances. Moreover, it is neither absorbed nor metabolized. All this makes it an animal device and, as such, it does not require Pre-market Approval in the US. 

What to do when in doubt?

Contact us at (800) 918-0902 or write at and let us talk to the person who is instilling the doubt. We are researchers and dairy farmers: we know that after decades of use of chemical compounds it is not easy to understand this new concept but we are ready to explain it, for the good of the entire milk chain.

What OZOLEA dairy farmers say…
and start shipping more milk TODAY!

Higher profit


Better quality


Less waste






For years I’ve been trying, along with our veterinarian, to prevent diseases instead for treating them. Having the animals at their top health is more profitable that the actual production.

Guido Oitana

I had a number of cows lined up for the slaughterhouse due to high SCC that by then were out of control. I tried Ozolea-Mast and I was amazed: no other product ever gave me such interesting and durable results.

Michele Morandini

The use of a product like Ozolea-Mast allows you to anticipate the disease outbreak, and decide to intervene even when there are no evident symptoms, with no risks and with no loss of milk: in the last 24 months we reduced the use of antibiotics by 60%, both working with Ozolea-Mast and with a protocol of rapid test or antibiotic sensivity test on the bacterial agent.

Marco Vanzetti
Italian farmer, Graduated in Animal Science Production

The farmer’s profit depends on how quickly he decides to intervene: if he decides to intervene quicky he will have less milk waste and the cow will not be severely affected; if he waits for the disease outbreak, he will have to pay a higher price for the medicine, he will have to withdraw the milk, and the cow will be more affected by the medical treatment, causing an overall reduction in productivity.

Paola Gandolfi
Italian farmer and DVM

At first I was skeptical, but I obtained good results since the very beginning. That’s why now I always keep it handy.

Angelina Rigoni
Italian farmer

I tried Ozolea-Metr in cows that had a late recovery after delivery: for sure the management has its share of merit, but it was a long time since I experienced the excitement of having all cleaned cows.

Italian farmer


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